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Pinky June - Czech Streets 58
Pinky June - Czech Streets 58

For this episode, I have a really special treat for you. During my regular prowling around Prague, I met a beautiful girl walking her large dog. I introduced myself as a scout for a famous modeling agency and I offered her a job. Her name is Ingrid and she's 19 years old... My unexpected offer caught her off-guard, but she was immediately interested. Her curiosity was the right fuel for my engine of seduction. I said we should drive to the agency so my colleague can talk to her about potential work offers. We drove in her car and I started explaining what it would be much easier for her to get a job if she allowed me to try what she can do with her body. Seeing an opportunity to fuck herself a nice cozy career, she agreed almost immediately and let herself get drilled by a weird stranger right then and there on the front seats of her car! The belief, so widespread among Czech women, that their pussy is a tool to get a better job, is unbelievable. Hilarity ensues. Just see for yourselves!

Оригинальное название: Pinky June - Czech Streets 58
Starring: Pinky June
Genre: All Sex, Hardcore, Teen
Duration: 00:18:30
Quality: SD
Video: WMV 720x576
Size: 489 Mb

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